Goal Setting

Recently I’ve been having very productive weeks. It isn’t that I’ve been doing more, which I suppose is the crucial part, but that in everything I’ve done has been done with intention; and as a result clarity. This in turn has given me more perceived space in between each task in which I can breathe and mentally prepare for the next, instead of frantically moving from task to task. In an existential light it’s governing a self perpetuated cycle – which is the formation of a good habit.

Now comes the bit I hate: exercising discipline to keep the ball rolling.

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If there was one thing my teachers throughout my schooldays said about me, it was that I was very easily distracted. I find that after the initial excitement has worn off from something I tend to let it go in an effort to chase after more of that excitement which I believe I’ll find elsewhere. Of course, there’s also the occasional existential crisis.

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But I know now how to better combat these negative feelings, and how to push through the mundanity of routine to keep things fresh. It has in part to do with balancing work and play, which I think is too often forgotten. One of the things which has helped me the most recently, as the title suggests, has been setting realistic goals for each day. The operative word being realistic. Not necessarily shooting for the stars, but breaking large tasks into manageable portions.

Also, don’t compare yourself to anyone else. In so doing is taking a situation at face value – it has been removed from all the behind the scenes context which has got that person there. Remember – you’re only running the race against yourself. Having said that, I think it’s perfectly okay to be inspired from someone else’s hard work for your own benefits. I guess in a very general way it’s just a matter of balance, unfortunately the task of finding this balance is up to you.

I’m not the biggest fan of these seasons, but I guess I’m willing to give it a shot so that I can reap the rewards further along down the road.




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