I want to show you a screen cap of the folder I’ve been working in for my EP. It’s disgusting. There are so many Demos, an auditions folder, samples I’ve dumped in there, etc. It’s a mess.


I want to say that this is due to the fact that I like things to be juuust right. And I do, but I’m even fed up with myself at this stage that I haven’t finished it yet!

I’ve had a recent set back where I discovered sample copyright… so yeah. Even under the creative commons there are some circumstances where you cannot profit from using the sample.Being the kind of guy I am, I thought it better to be safe than sorry, so I’ve done a total revamp of the tracks, decided I hated a few, and have pretty much started afresh.

The only leniency I’m giving myself is the solitude in the thought that this has to be the sort of thing that creatives do. I can’t be alone! I hope…

But through all this, I’ve learned many things. Mainly, don’t start hyping your album until everything’s finished!


3 thoughts on “Setbacks…

  1. I see this is not an easy task. There are a lot of preparation work before the final is done. Yeah, you are not alone and the creative thing has to be done alone. It’s hard and energy consuming. I believe you can find fun there. You are doing great! Always like you and support you, Xu!

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